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Watch Factory, Bangalore

HMT's Watch Factory at Bangalore (WFB) was established in 1961 to manufacture Hand Wound Watches in technical collaboration with Citizen Watch Co., Japan. This Unit has facilities to manufacture all the required watch components under one roof.

A second unit was established in the same premises in the year 1972 to manufacture Automatic Day Date Watches. In 1990 the activities of this factory were Broad banded to include Quartz analog watch production also.

The products manufactured in this unit comprise of the following:
arrow_right_inner Ladies Hand Wound Watches (HWL)
arrow_right_inner Automatic Day-Date Watches (ADD)
arrow_right_inner Quartz Analog Watches (QAW)

Translation of mechanical watch building expertise to building larger than life clocks gave birth to HMT's Timing System Division in the year 1991. The clocks were installed in public places with an objective of public utility.

Products & Place of Installation
Timing Systems Division till now has manufactured 152 clocks and installed at public places in various parts of the country. Some of the varieties of clocks and places of installation are detailed below:

Type of Clock Installed at
Solar Clocks -Senegal(Africa), Jalandhar, Chennai
Tower Clocks -Shivaji Stadium & AIR-New Delhi, Kottyam, Jaipur
Garden/Floral Clocks -Raj Bhavan & Lalbagh-Bangalore, Port Blair
Master Slave Clock -Vijayawada
International Clocks -Bangalore, Karmadi-Coimbatore
Population Clocks -Chandigarh, Lucknow, Delhi


  Watch Factory I & II , Bangalore (WFB)


Address : HMT Waches Limited, Watch Factory I & II, HMT Post, Bangalore-560 031


Inception : 1961


Designation : General Technical Manager


Telephone : 91-80-28381823


Fax : 91-80-28382338
  Email : hmtwfb@gmail.com
Watch Factory, Tumkur
HMT's Watch Factory at Tumkur was established in the year 1978 to manufacture mechanical watch components. Higher level of automation were adopted with the use of linear transfer lines and CNC machines in components manufacturing. Extensive ancillarisation was adopted both for case part requirements and watch assembly.

In order to keep pace with market requirement ,production of Quartz Analog Watches was started in this unit in 1986 with technical assistance from Citizen Watch Co., Japan. The production technology was further upgraded with the state of the art plant and machinery, especially in the areas of Tool Room, Press shop, Ebauche and Heat treatment, dial, hands and case manufacturing.


Products Quartz Analog Watches (QAW) - Manufacture and Assembly
Watch Factory IV , Tumkur (WFT)
Address : HMT Waches Limited, Watch Factory IV, Devarayapatna, Tumkur -572 103
Inception : 1978
Unit Chief : H GOPALAIAH
Designation : Unit Chief
Fax : 91-0816-2280133
Email : hmtwft@sancharnet.in
Telephone : 91-0816-2281111
Watch Factory, Ranibagh
Keeping in view of the growing demand for watches in India, HMT's Watch Factory at Ranibagh, an industrially backward area of Uttar Pradesh (now Uttaranchal), was established in the year 1985 to manufacture mechanical watch components and supply to various assembly ancillary units. Latest production technology is adopted in the all the areas like Tool Room, Press shop, Ebauche, Heat treatment etc.

In 1990 the activities of this factory were Broad banded to include Quartz analog watch production also.

arrow_right_inner Gents Hand Wound Watches (HWG).
arrow_right_inner Quartz Analog Watches (QAW).


Watch Factory V , Ranibag (WFR)
Address : HMT Waches Limited, Watch Factory V, Ranibag, Nanital, Uttaranchal 263 126
Inception : 1985
Unit Chief : KANDPAL S C
Designation : General Technical Manager
Fax : 91-05946-266910
Email : hmtwfrbg@sancharnet.in
Telephone : 91-05946-266910
Specialised Watch Case Division, Bangalore
HMT's Specialised Watch Case Division (SWCD) was established for manufacture of special types of watch cases required for Quartz Analog Watches.
Manufacture of Cases was started during 1983-84 with a modest capacity of 2.5 lakhs cases per annum. The project was implemented without any foreign collaboration / assistance.

Considering the growing demand for quartz analog watches and to cut down the dependency on out-sourcing of cases (import and indigenous), expansion of in-house manufacturing capacity was undertaken during 1991-92, with the introduction of latest manufacturing technology and machines.

arrow_right_inner Stainless Steel Cases - Shaped, Circular, Two piece and Three piece.
arrow_right_inner Brass Gold Plated Cases- Shaped, Circular, Two piece and Three Piece.
arrow_right_inner Plastic Cases and Plastic Straps.
Specialised Watch Case Division- SWCD , Bangalore
Address : SWCD, HMT Waches Limited, HMT Post. Bangalore- 560 013
Inception : 1983
Fax : 91-080-2337 5774
Designation : General Technical Manager
Email : swcd@vsnl.net
Telephone : 91-080-2357 6799
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