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Ever since its inception in 1961, HMT has pioneered watch-making. Time and again.

It was the very first manufacturer to introduce a line of indigenously produced mechanical watches in India. This tryst with 'firsts' continued and led to the launch of India's first Day-Date, Quartz and Ana-Digi watches.

In more recent times, HMT came out with an exclusive range of quartz dress-watches.

HMT's vast and varied expertise has also traveled to distant lands. It has been actively involved in the sphere of exports.

Today, HMT has translated this experience into larger than life clocks. Since 1985, HMT has been involved in making Floral Clocks, Solar Clocks, International Clocks, Master Slave Clocks and Tower Clocks. The Garden Clock at Bangalore thrills thousands of visitors everyday. HMT has already installed solar clocks at Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Mysore and Tirupathi.

Thus, the Timing System Division is committed to producing quality clocks for quality-conscious customers.

Needless to add, its another 'first' in India. Another 'first' from HMT.
The Floral Clock

Ideal for botanical gardens, public parks and zoos, The Floral Clocks blends harmoniously with the ambience. The dial, 7 mts. in diameter is complete with bright colorful flowers (as its name suggests), there's nothing like it to bring out the beauty of your brand.

The Display Clock
clock A Clock with in-built illumination and space for a message, the Display Clock is a hoarding that tells time. It can be effectively used in busy shopping areas, showrooms and places where the flow of people is high.
The Master Slave Clock
Ideal for Institutions, factories, railway stations, airports... and any places where time discipline and time co-ordination plays an important role. The Master Slave generates and transmits signals to other slave clocks installed at vantage points. This in turn makes it unnecessary to maintain individual clocks. And, it gives your brand a high visibility from the strategic points.
The Population Clock
The Population Clock keeps track of India's growing population with every passing minute. The clock also has a display screen which flashes messages on Family Welfare and Planning. A perfect medium to show case your brand's commitment to public service.
The International Clock
The International Clock displays the time of all the premier cities of the world, and is thus ideal for airports, conference rooms, board rooms and business centers. It's just the vehicle to take your brand places.
The Tower Clock
clock Designed to withstand the vagaries of the weather. The large dials facilities easy visibility even from a distance making the Tower Clock ideal for railway stations, colleges and other public buildings. What better way for your brand stand head and shoulders above the rest.
The Solar Clock
clock A triumph of technology, the Solar Clocks is perfect for traffic junctions, factories, airports and just about anywhere else. It runs entirely on power from solar cells, it's easy to maintain, and it won't let anything under the sun come close to your brand.
Omkar Hills, Bangalore
Giant Size Tower Clock
Bigger than London's Big Ben Tower Clock
Omkar Ashram has been established with the avowed objective of propagating Sanathana Dharma with the main intent of bringing out the inherent unity of all religions (Sarvadharma Samanvaya Mantap). Taking advantage of the stupendous height of the Omkar Hill, the tallest in Bangalore, a huge Om has been built measuring over 120 feet in height and 135 feet in width. A view of this symbol is sure to radiate and vibrate the city with spiritual feelings culminating in peace and prosperity. Nowhere in world has such a mammoth project been undertaken as it involves great engineering and technical skills.
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