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Precision Tooling Solutions

HMT’s manufacturing facilities are indeed one of the finest in India. They include Precision Machine Tools such as;
arrow NC Universal Milling Machines (Mikron, Switzerland)
arrow Universal Milling & Boring Machine (Mikron, Switzerland)
arrow CNC Electrical Discharge Machines ( Charmilles, Switzerland & Makino, Japan)
arrow Precision Tool Room Lathes (Schaublin)
arrow Aciera Milling Machines

Jig Boring & Jig Grinding Machines ( Hauser )

arrow Tool & Cutter Grinders (EWAG)
arrow Punch Grinding & Lapping Machines
arrow Optical Profile Grinders
arrow Spark Erosion Machines
arrow CNC Precision Sliding Head Automats
arrow CNC Machining Centres
arrow CNC Wire Cut EDMs. Etc.
HMT has also established surface treatment facilities with tumbling and plating (Nickel, Silver & Gold) and Heat Treatment facilities for hardening, tempering, annealing and case hardening of Steel, Stainless Steel & High Speed Tool Steel (HSS).

Specialized teams of engineers and skilled technicians have successfully developed complicated Dies & Tools and Production Aids required for precision engineering applications. The range includes Complicated Die Sets and Sophisticated Plastic Injection Moulds required for precision engineering components, super precision progressing die sets, loading devices, vibratory bowl feeders for miniature components, magazines, chutes and other micro engineering customer components, cutting tools such as micro flat drills, reamers, end mills, micro grained carbide tipped tools and holding and locating devices like collets, guide bushes, Jigs & fixtures.

A unique distinction is the establishment of capability for manufacture of Diamond/CBN wheel, grinding pins for both steel and carbide shanks and hand lappers to cater to the captive requirements of tool rooms and other manufacturing shops of user industries.

Stringent quality control of the products and processes is ensured using highly advanced measuring instruments like:
  arrow Profile Projector & Shadow Graph (Nikon, Japan)
  arrow Comparators
  arrow Electronic Micrometer
  arrow Tool Makers’ Microscope
  arrow Watch Makers’ Digital Coordinate Checking Microscope (Swiss Make)
  arrow And many more state-of-the-art devices
  The range of products includes:
Die Sets & Progressive Die Sets
arrow Sectional Dies
arrow Plastic Injection Moulding Die Sets & Components
arrow Forming Die Set
arrow Knockout (Ejector)
arrow Progressive Die Sets
Micro Tools & Other Precision Tools:
arrow Gauges
arrow Diamond/Borozon Grinding Pins
arrow Diamond Wheels
arrow End Mills
arrow Micro Drills
arrow Carbide Flat Drills
arrow Collet Chucks & Carbide Lined Guide Bushes
arrow Carbide Tipped Formed Tools
Jigs & Fixture and Production Aids:
arrow Special Jigs & Fixtures
arrow Parts Feeder
arrow Deflector
  In India
arrow Wheel & Axle Plant project for Indian Railways
arrow HAPP Project for Defence
arrow Flexible Manufacturing System for I C Engines
arrow Manufacture of water meters, gas meters and regulators in Algeria
arrow Training Centres in Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius and Senegal
arrow Nigeria Machine Tools, Nigeria
arrow Alloy Steel Foundry, Kenya
arrow Common Facility Centres in Tanzania and Ghana
arrow Gulf Metal Foundry - a Joint Venture in UAE
arrow Agricultural Development Project in Senegal
arrow Comprehensive package of consultancy and technical services from concept to commissioning
arrow Technology transfer and collaboration services
arrow Supply, Installation & Commissioning services
arrow Training & expert services
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